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Folkknot is an acoustic folk rock band based in Greensboro, NC. At the heart of Folkknot is their unique instrumentation; acoustic guitar and three-part vocal harmonies are accompanied by accordion, cello, violin, viola, piano, and drums. The enchanting songwriting and lucid storytelling of frontman Grey Hyatt spans countless settings and time periods, and the band’s sound draws from folk traditions across the globe. From sing-along sea shanties to introspective storytelling to grand instrumental pieces, Folkknot gives an attentive listener the opportunity to get lost in a daydream of their own.

With the release of their debut professional album, All Good Things, Folkknot puts the growth it has experienced since the days of its home recorded demo tapes on display. Viola, piano, upright bass, and drums seamlessly join the acoustic guitar and accordion from the group’s first two projects. The 11-track record also shows the development and range of Hyatt’s songwriting. From the intensity of Yellow Eyes in the Dark and Battle Song, to the lush instrumentals of Pinesong and Spiral, to the soft and delicate Something Sweet, you are certain to find a song or two that catch your ear.

Folkknot’s discography also includes two demo albums which were self-recorded, self-produced, and self-mixed. Their first release, A Disease Called The Sea, follows a storyline based on memoirs of Hyatt’s Grandfather who was a sailor his entire life. The debut record is a raw, yet charming, concept album featuring the first iteration of the band’s instrumentation: acoustic guitar, accordion, and violin. After a lineup change swapped violin for cello, Folkknot experienced a burst of creativity and recorded their second demo album, A Life Well Suffered. This effort saw the band expand their sound with more focus on the accordion, countermelodies, and vocal harmonies. With the release of All Good Things, the band’s focus shifts to revisiting the demo tapes to give them the professional touch that the songs deserve.

Our Music

All Good Things

May 2024

A Disease Called The Sea – Demos I

July 2020

A Life Well Suffered – Demos II

July 2021

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Folkknot is a North Carolina based indie-folk band known for its well-crafted music and fun-loving band members. Check out our tunes and get in touch for any booking inquiries!

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